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Thien Nien Thanh Forwarding Services Co., Ltd. was established in 2009 with a team of employees with many years of experience working in the international freight forwarding industry. After more than 10 years of development, through a process of accumulating many years of experience, we are proud to be a reliable partner with many customers and agents in the field of freight forwarding and customs clearance of goods in Vietnam. domestic and international.
TNT Logistics always puts customers at the center of all activities, always listens and understands customer needs, to offer appropriate and optimal solutions to create satisfaction and build relationships. long term with customers.
With a team of experienced staff, TNT Logitics is committed to providing high quality freight forwarding services. Handles shipping and customs clearance processes honestly and transparently, always ensuring goods are transported safely, on time and according to customer requirements. This has helped us create trust and recognition from customers.
So, if you have any requests or questions regarding our services, please contact us. We are pleased to serve you.

Most Trusted Agency
Most Trusted Agency

About TNT Logistics Co., Ltd

Vision & Mission
Core values

Determining that customers are the main goal that governs all business activities, TNT is constantly developing its service capacity, continuing to provide customers with more value-added services in the coming time, and Hoping to contribute to the development of the air cargo service industry in particular and the prosperity of the social community in general.



We always strive for a perfection and aim to become one of the reputable, reliable, and best logistics service providers for all customers in Vietnam and around the world.


We always prioritize customer satisfaction as the criterion for building and developing our business. We are committed to providing customers with comprehensive solutions, complying with legal regulations, optimizing costs, ensuring timeliness, efficiency, safety, and professionalism in all the services we provide.


The trust and satisfaction from our customers regarding the services we provide reflect the reputation that our company has built up over the years. We always deliver services of the highest quality, with the fastest delivery time to ensure customer satisfaction, serving the overall development of the community and society.


Our goal is to provide the best, fastest, and most optimized service to our customers. To achieve this, TNT Logistics has partnered with a network of partners and agents spanning from the north to the south of Vietnam,
as well as across Asia, Europe, and America,...
Why us?


We have a team of experienced staff who are continuously trained and updated on the state's regulations in the field of foreign trade and import-export. TNT logistics is always ready to advise, support, and provide our customers with the best quality, fastest, and most optimized logistics service.
As a member of associations such as WWPC, Japan Circle, VIFFAS, FIATA, VCCI, TNT logistics has a network of partners to carry out multi-modal freight transportation. TNT logistics provides entrusted import-export services, ready to support customers from contract negotiations, obtaining various licenses, drafting export-import documents, insurance services, packaging goods, and domestic transportation.
With a growth rate of over 15% per year, TNT Logistics is emerging as a leading full-service logistics provider in Vietnam. We apply international standards and utilize technology to manage and track goods throughout the entire delivery process, ensuring timely updates for our valued customers.
TNT Logistics commits to assisting customers in completing all customs clearance procedures quickly for goods, including transportation, document preparation, customs clearance, ensuring the safety of goods throughout the transportation process, and accompanying customers in handling any issues that arise after customs clearance. Our motto is that customer satisfaction is our joy and goal that we always strive for.